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Aunt "Zia" Lena: The Muse Behind Zialena Winery


Aunt "Zia" Lena, born in 1897, was a cornerstone of the Mazzoni family and the inspiration behind Zialena Winery. Her journey began when she moved to California in 1902, following her father Giuseppe from Carrara, Italy. Despite Giuseppe's absence for the first five years of her life, Aunt Lena forged a resilient spirit that would shape generations to come.

Residing in Geyserville for most of her 96 years, Aunt Lena left an indelible mark on her family and community. She was renowned for introducing the cherished Christmas tradition of crafting ravioli, using the same stamp year after year to create culinary delights for her loved ones. This iconic stamp, symbolizing tradition and familial bond, graces every bottle of Zialena wine, a tribute to her enduring legacy. (Recipe: Here). 

Mark and Lisa’s mother, Loni, now safeguards the cherished ravioli stamp, passing it down annually to perpetuate Aunt Lena's "ospitalita Italiana" tradition. Lisa fondly recalls Aunt Lena as a paragon of elegance, always adorned in stylish attire and a side-tie apron. Her home exuded warmth and hospitality, a testament to her devotion to family and tradition.

Aunt Lena's culinary prowess extended beyond ravioli, as she generously imparted her culinary wisdom to all who married into the family. Her kitchen was a hub of activity, where she lovingly prepared soups, gnocchi, and biscotti, nurturing both body and soul with her culinary creations.

For the Mazzoni family, Aunt Lena's legacy transcends generations, serving as a beacon of tradition and inspiration. Her spirit lives on in every bottle of Zialena wine, embodying the timeless values of family, heritage, and culinary craftsmanship.

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